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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide, enhance, and improve the welfare of visual artists in the Philippines.

Our Vision is the preservation of the overall well-being and creativity of Filipino visual artists and those in the visual arts community.


The Foundation is here to lend a hand to Filipino visual artists who need our help.

Who We Are

The Visual Arts Helping Hands Foundation of the Philippines is one of the few foundations founded by artists with the specific goal of providing medical assistance to artists and members of the visual arts community.

Board Members and Officers

Chairperson: Joven Cuanang M.D.
Vice Chairperson: Jonathan Que
President: Daniel dela Cruz

Treasurer: Miguel Tomacruz
Secretary: Atty. Antonio Manahan Jr.



   Patricia Lopa

   Emmanuel Garibay

   Reginald Yuson

How to be a member?

· VAHH Board members nominate and selects artists for each new fundraising exhibit

  (e.g. Chapter 2).

· New members may also be nominated or recommended by founders or regular members but    is subject to final approval of the Board of Directors.

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