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Founding Members

Juan Alcazaren
Juan Alcazaren’s solo exhibitions include NO at West Gallery in Quezon City (2016); I can’t tell when alpha ends And omega begins at Underground Gallery in Makati City (2016); and Pool Truths at Art Stage Singapore at the Marina Bay Convention Center (2015). He was one of the recipients of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Award in 2000. He has shown in various spaces in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Spain.


Max Balatbat
Max Balatbat was the Philippine Representative to the Beijing International Art Biennale (2012, 2015), Moya Annuale in Vienna, Austria (2013), Asian International Art Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea (2011), and the 7th Florence Biennale in Italy (2009). In recent years, he has shown at the BenCab Museum for Kalsada in 2016; at Art Stage Singapore under Yavuz Gallery for 3rd World Carnivalin 2016; at Secret Fresh Gallery for Bugaw in 2015; and at the Ayala Museum for Avenida Karnabal in 2015. His works have been exhibited in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Singapore, China, and Korea.


Renz Baluyot
Renz Baluyot’s most recent solo exhibition, By Sword and Fire, held at the U.P. Vargas museum posed a conversation between the institution’s archives and collection with his personal research and experiences during his YOD Gallery Artist-in-Residence Program in Osaka, Japan (2016). Baluyot has exhibited in various galleries and museums locally and abroad, particularly in spaces in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. He was also a finalist in the 41st Shell National Students Art Competition in 2008.


Plet Bolipata
Plet Bolipata was granted the Freeman Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in USA in 2006 and was a recipient of the Natividad-Galang Fajardo Award from the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings in 2012. She held solo exhibitions at the BenCab Museum in Baguio City (The Rocking Beetle Show, 2013), the BGC Offsite Gallery in Taguig (imageNATION, 2012), Boston Gallery in Quezon City (Fearless Women and Mad Men, 2010) and Red Mill Gallery in Vermont, USA (Oh la la, Manet and I!, 2006). Her works are part of the public collections of Casa San Miguel in San Antonio, Zambales, the Miriam Gallery of Women’s Art in Quezon City, and Insular Life in Makati City.


She is happily collaborating with fellow artist/friend, Felix Mago Miguel as book designer, on a release of her first children's book, Little Red Riding Hood in Central Park. The book is based on the Brothers Grim fairytale with words and art by the artist herself. A limited edition book will come with a toy in collaboration with BigBoy Cheng and Rommel Chua of Secret Fresh Gallery and will be launched in March of 2018.

Elmer Borlongan

Elmer Misa Borlongan is a prominent contemporary Filipino painter best known for his distinctive use of figurative expressionism. He rose to prominence as a recipient of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artist Awards in 1994, and his works have since become one of the most widely exhibited and most sought-after at auctions among Southeast Asian artists.

In 2007, Borlongan's book Rocking Horse won the Gintong Aklat Award for Best Illustrated Children’s Book, while in 2004, he won the Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES). His latest solo exhibitions includes: Pinoy Odyssey at CANVAS Gallery in Quezon City (2015); Labyrinth of Kinship at Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo City (2015); and In City and Country: 1992-2012, a retrospective at the Ayala Museum in Makati City. He has shown in various platforms in Manila, Ilocos Norte, Antipolo, Bacolod, Zambales, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, and USA. His works are part of the public collections of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, the Singapore Art Museum, Queensland Art Gallery in Australia, Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City, and BenCab Museum in Benguet.

Zean Cabangis
His most recent solo shows include: Echoes at the Discoveries Section of Art Basel-Hong Kong (2017); LOOM at Artinformal (2016); Mistaken for Wonders at Art Fair Philippines (2015); Reclaim at Artinformal (2014); and Fib at 20Square Gallery, Silverlens (2014). Cabangis has been part of group exhibitions in Manila, Baguio, Quezon, and Singapore. In 2015, he was awarded with the Thirteen Artists Award by the Cultural Center of the Philippines; and has been short-listed for the Ateneo Art Awards from 2012-2014 and 2017. He also partook in an artist residency at Yogtakarta, Indonesia in 2011.

Mariano Ching
From 2002-2004, Ching received a research student grant in Printing at the Kyoto City University of the Arts through the Monbusho Scholarship program. His most recent one-man exhibits include: Crack In the Wall at West Gallery (2017); The Days We Spend Go On And On at Finale Art File (2016); and These Are Happening Without Your Permission at Silverlens Gallery. His works have been shown throughout Metro Manila as well as other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, Malaysia, and France.


Daniel dela Cruz
Daniel dela Cruz was awarded with this year’s Dangal ng Pasig-Award for Sculpture. He has shown in museums and galleries in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, New York, and Australia. To date, his most recent one-man exhibitions are WITHIN at Artinformal (2017); EXISTENCE is ELSEWHERE at Art Cube Gallery (2016); and HIS ONLY SON at Art Fair Philippines-Art Cube Gallery (2016). He has also done public art commission works for the Holy Trinity Parish Church, Cainta, Rizal (2010), St.Vincent's Parish Church, Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City (2012, 2014), St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (2016) amongst others.
Daniel brought the Philippines honor and fame by winning the coveted Gold Medal for the “festival of Nativities” in Rome, Italy in 2008. His sculptures won the highest honor in a field of 131 entries from 71 countries.


 Alfredo Esquillo
Alfredo Esquillo Jr.'s most recent solos include Continuing Spirit at YOD Gallery at the Volta Fair in New York (2016); Transfigurations at Arndt Fine Art in Berlin (2014); and Habeas Corpus at Galerie Sogan at Art Stage
Singapore. Aside from those listed, he has shown in Manila, Italy, USA, Australia, and Indonesia. He was the recipient of the Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES) by the Metrobank Foundation in 2004 and the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Thirteen Artists Awards in 2000.


Emmanuel Garibay
In 2015, Emmanuel Garibay was awarded with the Distinguished Alumni Award by the Department of Social Sciences of the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. He also received the Thirteen Artists Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2000, as well as garnering 2nd place in the Painting Category of Il Bienal del Baloncestoen Bellas Artes in Madrid the same year. His latest solo shows include: PINTO SA PINTO at Pinto Art Museum (2016); Daloy at the Tsichritzis Visual Arts Foundation in Kiffisia, Greece (2014); and SA NGALAN NG BATAS at Vargas Museum (2014). His works has been shown in various shows in Metro Manila, Zambales, Davao, Australia, New York, Germany, Indonesia, Sweden, Israel, Berlin, Hong Kong, USA, and Greece.


Renato Habulan
Habulan has recently exhibited Ala Prima at Crucible Art Gallery and Takatak at Britania Art Project Gallery, both in 2009. He was awarded with the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Awards in 1990; was a representative in the Cheju Biennale in South Korea in 1995; received the Professional Achievement Award (Outstanding Alumni) from the University of the East in 1996; and was named Top 5 Watercolorists (Hall of Fame Award) at the 10th “Kulay sa Tubig” Invitational in 1999. His works have been shown in Manila, Madrid, Singapore, and Australia.

JC Jacinto
JC Jacinto His works have been featured in various galleries all over Manila, Philippines. While still studying at University of the Philippines, he has been qualified as a finalist in the Maningning Art Competition 2006, 39th and 40th Shell National Student’s Competition 2006 and 2007, and the PLDT Visual Art National Competition 2007. His latest one-man exhibition include: When All Grounds are Sacred (2016) at Artinformal in Mandaluyong; Same Room (2015) at West Gallery in Quezon City; and Just Before the Pitch Black (2015) at Artinformal in Mandaluyong. Jacinto’s works have been exhibited in Antipolo, Baguio, and Manila.


Romeo Lee

Romeo Lee is a Filipino artist and musician who has been touted as the “king of punk” since the 1980s. He graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Lee is known to people from UP as “the first Pinoy punk,” and the “ukay-ukay king.” He has been present in the scene for decades and has had his works shown in various platforms locally and abroad.


Ferdie Montemayor

Ferdie Montemayor is a Filipino painter who received numerous distinctions in his career. Among his awards include the Metrobank Foundation Awards for Continuing Excellence and Services in 2004, Most Outstanding Visual Artist of Antipolo in 1995, 13 Artists Awardee in 1994, and Grand Prize, Metrobank Foundation National Painting Competition in 1992.

His solo show ...go! was shown in the 2017 Art Fair Philippines in Makati City. Prior to this, Ode was exhibited at the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Aside from his exhibitions in the Philippines, his works have been on display in Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. In 2004, Montemayor was awarded the Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence and Services (ACES).


Raffy Napay
Raffy Napay has received grants from the Liverpool Hope University’s Department of Fine Arts and Applied Arts (2014) and the Artesan Gallery in Singapore (2013) and was awarded 1st prize Lorenzo il Magnifico at the Florence Biennale (2015); the Juror’s Choice Award of Excellence at the Philippine Art Awards (2014) and the Ateneo Art Awards (2013). Napay has shown in platforms in the Philippines, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, United Kingdom, New York, and Thailand.


Veronica Pee
Since graduating in 2010 from the University of the Philippines- Diliman, Veronica Pee (Veronica Peralejo) has had four solo exhibitions: fallen out of orbit at West Gallery (2017); ARTIFICIAL SELECTION at Vinyl on Vinyl (2016); THERE IS WATER WHERE THE SUN NEVER SHINES at Artinformal (2016); and POCKET UNIVERSE at Artinformal (2015), which was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards that year. She has since shown in different galleries and museums in Metro Manila and Baguio.


Ling Quisumbing
Her most recent solo exhibitions include MATA, an art installation for TEC Land Art Festival held in Taitung, Taiwan (2017); and UNTITLED at Art Informal in Manila, Philippines (2016). Ramilo has exhibited in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, and Italy. For this year, she is the recipient of several residencies including Bellas Artes Projects Art Residency in Bagac, Bataan, TAKSU Art residency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and TEC Land Art Festival Artist Residency in Taiwan.


Arturo Sanchez
Sanchez is part of the Angono Artist Association and the Neo-Angono Artist Collective. He was awarded with the Sanguniang Bayan Award for Excellence by the Municipality of Angono, and the Grand Prize of the Philippine Art Awards in 2014. He held his solo Unearth at West Gallery in 2017; On Sacred Ground at Blanc Gallery in 2016; and Undesirable Outcome at West Gallery in 2015. He has shown in galleries and museums in Manila, Laguna, Singapore, Baguio, and Italy.

Jose Santos III
It’s Never the Same (2017) is Santos’ latest solo held at The Drawing Room in Makati, while Distance Between Two Points (2016) was held at A3 Arndt Art Agency in Berlin. In 2000, he was chosen as one of the Thirteen Artists Awardees of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. His works have been shown in different platforms in the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Denmark, Berlin, Paris, and New York.


Pam Yan-Santos
Her recent solo and group shows include: Pauses of Possibility at the Lopez Museum (2017); Paper Matters at Gillman Barracks in Singapore (2016); and In search of Meaning as part of Art Fair Philippines- Special Exhibitions in Makati City (2016). She has exhibited in galleries and museums in Manila, Baguio, Antipolo, Cagayan de Oro, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, China, France, and New York. Pam Yan-Santos was short listed for the 2009 Ateneo Art Awards and was a recipient of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Award in 2009.


Soler Santos
Santos was the Philippine representative for the 11th International Biennal Print and Drawing Exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2004, and the 14th International Art Exhibition in 1999. His latest solo shows include: Hybrid Pictures at Finale Art File in Makati City (2017); Remnants at Blanc Gallery in Katipunan (2015); Abandoned at Artinformal Gallery in Mandaluyong City (2015); and Abandoned at West Gallery in Quezon City. He has exhibited in Manila, Iloilo, Baguio, Hong Kong, Japan, New York, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.


Yasmin Sison
Sison was one of the recipients of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Award in 2006, and was shortlisted for the 2007 Ateneo Art Awards. Her most recent one-woman shows include: Invisible Garden at Artinformal (2016); Box Forts for Big Children at Finale Art File (2015); and Playing House at Finale Art File (2013). Her works have been part of exhibits all over Manila, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, and Belgium.


Kim Hamilton Sulit
From 2011-2012, Sulit was a finalist for the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence competition. His solo exhibitions include: In Times of Solitude at Blanc Gallery in 2016; Constant Encounter at Blanc Gallery in 2015; and Walking Through Darkness at West Gallery in 2015. He has shown in various galleries and museums in Metro Manila and Laguna.

Reginald Yuson
Yuson was one of the recipients of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists’ Awards in 2003. His latest exhibits include: Conditions of Space at West Gallery in 2016; Du Paint at West Gallery in 2010; and R.Muck at Manila Contemporary in 2010. His works have been part of various platforms in Metro Manila, Singapore, France, and Hong Kong, and are part of the public collections of GSIS Museo ng Maynila, Mind Museum, and Conrad Hotel. He has also done public art commissions for the Avida South Park District (2015-2016); Quezon City Memorial Museum grounds (2015); and the Manila Hotel Ilang-Ilang tree sculpture and Philippine rainforest pocket garden (2011), among others.

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