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Who Can Apply?
  • Filipino visual artists or members of the visual art community 

  • All applicants must be approved by the foundation based on verified application form

  • Confined in a health facility (certified by a physician)

  • Receiving health care management out patient (certified by a physician)

  • No documented history or medical cases of drug or substance abuse.

  • Completed Application form (download here)

  • Letter of request for financial assistance from the patient

  • Photocopy of identification card with latest picture of the requesting person with his/her signature at the back

  • CV of the Visual Artist / Applicant

Application Process

Step 1:

Submit completed application form and requirements to the Foundation administrator


Applications can be emailed to



can be mailed/delivered to:

No. 835 Maria Clara St. Brgy. Plainview

Mandaluyong City, 1550

Attention: Cora Abad

Step 2:

Foundation Verification and Evaluation: All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation's medial coordinators, i.e., Dr. Joven Cuanang and/or Dr. Steve Lim

Step 3:

Upon evaluation and recommendation by the Medical Coordinator/s, the Foundation approves final amount of medical assistance grant.

Step 4:

Check release: The Foundation will have the option to issue checks either to the healthcare provider or facility.


For grants covering medicines of out-patients, the Foundation will reimburse the patient directly. The Patient must present the original physician's prescription and a copy of the official receipt of the purchase of the medicines.

Medical Assistance Grants
  • The amount of financial assistance is based on the assessment and recommendation of the Medical Coordinators.

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